Cobblepot | 10 Years | #PlayBetter

In 2022, on March 24, Cobblepot Games celebrates ten years of activity!

An exceptional result for a small Italian board game production house: this is why we decided to celebrate this milestone despite the tragic international difficulties and the many difficult challenges that the world is facing.

In these ten years, with over thirty different titles released and many more to come, we have coined the hashtag #PlayBetter, which embodies our willingness to do our utmost to create high-quality, fun, insightful and brilliant tabletop games, capable of giving you some pleasant hours.

Chester Cobblepot is a noble character, a Sir in name and in fact, and to demonstrate his kind side, we decided to make an action that embodies these values. For this tenth anniversary we have therefore created the #PlayBetter event, which will allow us to donate games to charity, but also to you, our players and supporters: without you, this result would have been impossible.

Celebrating with us is simple: send a board game that you no longer use, whatever you want, to our offices and in exchange you will receive a game produced by Cobblepot Games for free. You got it right: you can dispose of an old game, even a used one, that you don't like or that you no longer want to own, and we will give you a new game back to make you play better!

The only condition is that the games you send us are usable: this is fundamental, because we will donate them to charity to Spazio Giovani Mac'é, which for fifteen years has offered young people from the Municipality of Carpi and the neighboring territories a meeting place for training, interculture, arts and games. A small contribution to help put a smile on many young people.

To recap: thanks to #PlayBetter you can donate to Spazio Giovani Mac'é a game you do not use and receive for free a new Cobblepot game chosen at random from our warehouse, which includes products such as Letters from Whitechapel™ or Whitehall Mystery™, new releases like Farmerstein™, or the latest copies of limited edition games like Collapsible D™ or King of Con™, or many more!

Having a limited number of copies available, #PlayBetter will reward a maximum of fifty participants with a game who have sent us a box, although all will still receive our special thanks. Obviously, even the "surplus" copies will be donated to charity, so your commitment will not be in vain in any case.

For any further detail on #PlayBetter you can consult the event rules click here.

We want to publicly thank all the professionals, collaborators, authors, illustrators, editors, developers, translators, publishers, companies, institutions, municipalities, journalists, reviewers and playtesters who have cooperated with us. And we want to thank you, the players, with whom we have decided to share the celebrations of this great milestone. Have fun and… #PlayBetter for many more years to come!