Cobblepot | 10 Years | #PlayBetter rules

Event rules

Participating to #PlayBetter requires you to send, at your own expense, a board game or a card game to: Cobblepot Games, via Lanciani 43, 48122, Ravenna (RA), Italy

The game submitted must be complete and playable to be valid. It can also be used, as long as the components are legible and usable. Cobblepot Games staff will evaluate the usability of the games and possibly cancel the validity of participation in the event.

The game submitted must be delivered to Cobblepot Games by April 24, 2022 to be valid.

Sending a valid game guarantees the opportunity to participate in the #PlayBetter event to receive a game produced by Cobblepot Games for free as a "prize" between:

  • Apokalypsis
  • Baciamo le Mani
  • Collapsible D
  • Farmerstein
  • Fast Food Fear
  • King of Con
  • Kingsport Festival
  • Kung Fu Party
  • Letters from Whitechapel
  • Whitehall Mystery

The "prize" will be chosen randomly, but we’ll try to send a product in the same language as the game that was sent for participation. If this is not possible, the location of the shipping will be taken into consideration, or the English language will simply be preferred.

If the participant already owns Cobblepot Games products, they can send by email (to a photo of their collection and it will be taken into consideration for the choice of the "prize".

To receive the "prize", the address from which the game was sent must be perfectly indicated on the package or in the attached documentation. In the event of a discrepancy between the sending address and the destination address, or out of simple zeal, we suggest that you insert a ticket with the game (or send an e-mail) in which all the information necessary for the shipment of the "prize" are indicated .

Cobblepot Games is not responsible for any problems relating to the delivery of the "prize" and will not be responsible for any additional costs.

A participant can send multiple games, but regardless of the amount of games sent, they participate in the event once, and therefore they can receive a maximum of one "prize". Shipments from senders with the same name and surname from the same Municipality and/or shipments from the same address are considered by the same participant.

Due to the limited supply of games that Cobblepot Games can send as a "prize", only 50 participants who have submitted a valid game will receive the "prize". If #PlayBetter has a higher number of participants, the participants who have sent a game first will be preferred, taking into consideration the date of sending (indicated by the postmark or the data provided by the shipping service) and not of reception. Any tie will be arbitrarily solved by Cobblepot Games based on the "prizes" still available.

The games sent deemed valid will be donated to Spazio Giovani Mac'é in Carpi, Italy.

#PlayBetter is not a competition or a lottery, but an event created to celebrate the company's 10th anniversary. For this reason, the event and its rules have not been registered by a notary and the judgment of the Cobblepot Games staff is arbitrary, albeit fueled by the desire to reward the largest number of participants and the desire to donate the largest number of games to charity.

Cobblepot Games will document the main milestones of the #PlayBetter event through its social channels, publicly thanking the participants (not just those who received a "prize"), with the desire to operate with maximum transparency. In the event that this method of operating is deemed unsatisfactory, we invite you not to participate in this event and to send the games to charity directly to Spazio Giovani Mac'é, thus refusing to receive a Cobblepot game as a "prize".

The games that Cobblepot Games will send as a "prize" will be shipped between April and June, based on staff availability. During the same period, Spazio Giovani Mac'é will organize a retreat for charity games.

For any questions, please contact the Cobblepot Games staff at the email address